Custom Stained Glass

We design and build stained glass according to your specifications via a collaborative process, or we can design and build a unique art glass piece that will reflect your sense of aesthetics.

Custom Floral Design

For your special events such as weddings, parties, or even small get togethers, we can create your center pieces and special flower décor that will make them memorable and beautiful.

Classes and Studio Time

Art glass classes are available on a regular schedule or specialty classes for groups and special interest parties. Classes can be customized for special events such as birthdays, private lessons, and specialty groups. GLO also offers individuals studio time rental in its fully equipped art glass facilities. Come and learn the ancient and amazing art of glass making with us.

Custom Fused Glass

Make your home a beautiful place with fused glass. Our fused glass pieces will give your home the perfect accent to compliment your taste and style. 

Art Glass Supplies Sales

We carry a full line of supplies for all of your stained glass and fused glass projects:

  • COE 96 fusing glass
  • ​Glass frit
  • Stringers
  • Noodles
  • Accent pieces
  • Slumping molds
  • ​Casting supplies
  • Diamond tools
  • ​Jewelry findings
  • ​Glass work tools